"The chiriuchu is a traditional dish that combines several products from the coast, highlands and jungle and dates from the period of the Incas and the colony, when villagers from various regions of Tawantinsuyo, arrived to Cusco, to participate in the procession mummies, which were none other than the ancient Inca rulers ".

"As all the people he met in the Imperial City, brought their lunches and shared with each other after the ritual ceremony, food. Therefore, we find, in the composition of Chiriuchu, seaweed and egg cups from the coast, the guinea pig, the chicken, the chalona, roasting of the mountain. It is also placed in this Morcella plate, Tullan (guinea pig gut stuffed with chopped potatoes into small picture, and viscera of baked animal), one torreja made with cornmeal, cheese and hot pepper. "