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Looking to volunteer on your trip to Peru? Great! We, at Adventure Heart Peru, LOVE helping out our local communities. When you volunteer with us, you will be able to immerse yourself into the local rural village and experience what day-to-day life is for the people who live there. Below are our volunteering opportunities. 

Chimney Building- Chonta

In the small Andes village of Chonta, many kitchens do not have the ventilations more modern homes do. Chontians live in houses made of mud bricks, and without any ventilation, smoke from cooking could become health hazardous. Those who do not have proper ventilation in kitchens often develop health problems such as respiratory infections or even lung cancer.

Greenhouse Construction- Misimay

Misimay is a small village high in the Andes mountains. At higher altitudes, it is sometimes to grow crops for consumption. Misimay is a small, rural town, and is very far away from localization. So, the locals must produce their food. By building green houses out of mud bricks, you will provide the locals a place for them to produce nutritious food. 
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Jiron Nazca H-16, Urbanizacion los Nogales, San Sebastian, Cusco


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